GO FIGURE - new paintings by Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow

August 4 - 27

Artist's Reception Saturday August 4, from 5 to 7pm

Bruce Morrow   Rider on the Plains    
oil on canvas    32" x 30"    $2,100

Buffy Cribbs   A Girl's First Axe
reverse acrylic on acrylic   41" x 36"   $2,500

Artists couple Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow have been making art together for decades, influencing each others work and being inspired by many of the same artists.

Buffy states: "Well nigh forty years ago, as we set out on our life’s journey, we shared a common hero in Richard Diebenkorn. As, it seemed to us, he transitioned from the figure to a brand new approach to landscape, his understanding of the relationship between the form and the environment was the key to bringing the subject to life. This understanding of the relationship of form to environment, the juxtaposition of active and static to create a balanced dynamic is at the heart of the work in this show.”

Buffy Cribbs   Tim and the Elevator Governor
reverse acrylic on acrylic   36" x 35"   $2,500

Buffy Cribbs
Angel Wing Begonia with Stag Horn Fern
reverse acrylic on acrylic   25" x 20"   $1,150

In recent years Cribbs has focused the human figure in acrylic on acrylic painting. In this technique the painting gets created on a sheet of plexiglass, painting the details first which are subsequently covered with background colors. Once done the sheet gets turned over to see the finished result. Buffy says: “I think that people are often more defined by their trappings, their choices of clothing and their possessions than their station in life. In my paintings I like to explore the trappings as a way of defining character, and admirable traits”.

Morrow paints in a loose, direct style in oil on canvas with little or no underpainting, using bright colors to achieve fresh, spontaneous images of Western Americana, often with a sense of humor. Bruce says: “Most of these paintings are figures seen in landscapes or environments. However, there are a couple of paintings that you could say were landscapes looking for figures.”

Bruce Morrow   Into the Night    
oil on canvas    32" x 42"    SOLD

Bruce Morrow   Prairie Dancers   
oil on canvas    32" x 40"    $3,000

Bruce Morrow   Rosemary's Baby    
oil on canvas    40" x 32"    $2,800


Please join us for our Opening Reception on Saturday, August 4 from 5 to 7 p.m. in conjunction with Langley’s First Saturday Art Walk when Langley’s galleries and shops are open until 7. Many of our gallery artists will be in attendance and light refreshments will be served.


We’d love to see you!

Bruce Morrow   Jo and the Bass   
oil on canvas    32" x 30"    $2,100

Bruce Morrow   Venus on the Fly    
oil on canvas    32" x 30"    $2,000

Buffy Cribbs   Lets Away to Oyster Island
reverse acrylic on acrylic   47" x 36"   $2,500

Buffy Cribbs   Reluctant Traveler
reverse acrylic on acrylic   52" x 36"   $3,000

Buffy Cribbs   Call my Bluff
reverse acrylic on acrylic   19" x 21"   $750

Buffy Cribbs   Oaxacan Day Dream
reverse acrylic on acrylic   41" x 36"   $2,200

The rest of the gallery has a broad selection of fine work, ranging from Stephanie Mader's amazing fused glass landscapes and KéKé Cribbs' glass mosaic work, to Sharon Spencer's bronzes, Kathleen Otley's encaustics, jewelry by Tammi Sloan, Barbara Mundell and Mary Ellen O'Connor, and glass by Robert Adamson and Fritz Dreisbach,
as well as pieces from many other fine artists.

Sharon Spencer   Solitude   bronze   $2,800

Sharon Spencer   Ice Maiden   bronze   $2,800

For purchases or inquiries contact the gallery at 360/222-3070 or 800/858-5063

Magical ceramic vessels by Joan Govedare

Keiichi Nishimura    Quiet Storm



September 1 - October 1



new paintings on silk




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