paintings of China and England

July 7 - 30

Artist's Reception Saturday July 7 from 5 to 7pm

Walking After Midnight    egg tempera on panel    8" x 10"    $1,100

Travel has been a continuous source of inspiration for well known painter Anne Belov. For her current exhibition at Rob Schouten Gallery she has chosen China and England as the subject of her paintings.

Belov explains: "As long as I’ve been painting, I have focused on the objects and places around me, be they the ordinary things that I see every day, or the far off places I have traveled. Going to China is the farthest from home I have ever been, not only in distance but also in the culture and how you live every day life.”

Madonna of Mozart Square   oil on linen   14" x 18"   $2,600

Night Walk, Ya'an City    egg tempera on panel
6" x 6"    $780

The Bridge at Ya'an    egg tempera on panel
10" x 10"    $1,350

A selection of the paintings came from an early wander around the city of Ya’an. The sky was still quite dark, but lots of buildings and the bridge were lit up. "These misty, atmospheric nocturnes reminded me of the work of James McNeil Whistler and the paintings he did of the Battersea Bridge in London. I was excited to try to capture that loose, atmospheric quality, and I think the paintings in egg tempera express that quite well.”

Fan Girl   egg tempera on panel
8" x 10"   $1,100

On the Wall   egg tempera on panel
8" x 10"   $1,100

Other works in the show focus on trips to London and the south coast of England: a flower shop in Mozart Square, a small cafe in Beesands while waiting for a bus.

Anne tells: "Mozart Square is one of those little gems of a neighborhood that you can find in London. There was a wonderful organic grocery with a café, a weekly farmer’s market, and this flower shop. The way the light caught the woman’s hair as she was tending the flowers caught my eye and it reminded me of the ethereal light in one of those annunciation paintings from the Renaissance.

A Good Place to Wait   oil on linen   12" x 16"   $2,300

The Train Does Not Go to Dartmouth  
oil on linen    16" x 12"     $2,300

We stayed for several weeks in Devon, in the town of Dartmouth.  Some days we would get on a bus and then walk along the public footpaths till we got tired, and then catch a bus back to Dartmouth.  After a walk from the town of Beesands, we went into this café to wait for the bus and one of the tables caught my eye." 

Black Dog 4 AM    oil on linen
12" x 14"    $2,100

Panda in the Mist    egg tempera on panel
8" x 10"    $1,100

Nocturne Ya'an River    egg tempera on panel
5" x 7"    $750

Lunchtime at Hetaoping    oil on paper
7" x 9"    $780

Belov received her BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art, and her MFA from the University of Washington in 1981, where she studied with Norman Lundin, Jacob Lawrence and Michael Spafford.

Please join us for our Opening Reception on Saturday, July 7 from 5 to 7 p.m. in conjunction with Langley’s First Saturday Art Walk when Langley’s galleries and shops are open until 7. Many of our gallery artists will be in attendance and light refreshments will be served.

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The Only Great Wall is in China    egg tempera on panel    6" x 12"    $1,000

The rest of the gallery has a broad selection of fine work, ranging from Stephanie Mader's amazing fused glass landscapes and KéKé Cribbs' glass mosaic work, to Sharon Spencer's bronzes, Kathleen Otley's encaustics, jewelry by Tammi Sloan, Barbara Mundell and Mary Ellen O'Connor, and glass by Robert Adamson and Fritz Dreisbach,
as well as pieces from many other fine artists.

KéKé Cribbs   Voyage of the Baku    vitreous enamels on glass and glass mosaics on wood   $24,000

Sharon Spencer   Solitude   bronze   $2,800

Sharon Spencer   Ice Maiden   bronze   $2,800

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Magical ceramic vessels by Joan Govedare


GO FIGURE - new paintings by Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow

Buffy Cribbs   A Girl's First Axe  

Bruce Morrow    Rider on the Plains




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