Still Life, Still Water - New Paintings by Anne Belov and Jacob Kohn

August 1 - 27


As island artist Belov moves along the continuum of her long painting life, her work, she says, “is the same, only more so.” In other words, in more than 35 years of painting, Belov gets deeper into the style and skill that is undeniably her own.

Seattle artist and former Whidbey resident Jacob Kohn has long experience as a professional painter, in addition to his continued work as a professor at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. In this show of new works, Kohn dives ever more deeply into his myth-like theme of water and its dreamy, floating, flowering plant-life.

Anne Belov   Abundance
oil on linen on panel   24 x 18"   $3,900

Jacob Kohn   Darjeeling
oil on canvas   58 x 40"   $6,000 

Anne Belov continues to explore the ancient medium of egg tempera, using egg yolk to bind powdered pigment in order to create the her colors. The paint is applied in many thin, translucent layers, using small brush strokes. The finished painting achieves a lustrous quality, which she finishes with oil glazing to bring an additional richness to the finished painting.

Tipping her hat to the great Dutch masters, this artist admits a fascination with depicting everyday life. “The still moment becomes the still life and everywhere I go, everything I see, becomes a subject for painting,” she said. Whether it’s a street scene from home or Europe, or a naturalistic still-life of a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes, Belov captures the authentic moments of the human condition.

This painter can also be playful. In her painting titled “Considering Vermeer,” Belov sticks her modern toe in traditional waters.

“This painting portrays two women, studying a Vermeer painting of a woman pouring from a pitcher of milk, in the Rijksmuseum,” Belov said. 

Rich color, a stunning use of light and a natural affinity for the subjects of everyday life combine to make Belov’s paintings an enjoyable and wholly relatable viewing experience.

Anne Belov   Considering Vermeer
egg tempera with oil glazes   11 x 14"   $2,300

Jacob Kohn has returned time and again to the realism of nature as a subject because it provides him with a visual language that best expresses the abstract energy and emotional color that he finds essential in his art.

The shifting forms created by moving water, the vibrant plant-life colors, the rich contrasts of pattern and hue in nature and the effects of light on water, give this artist plenty of elements for inspiration.

“I’m a colorist,” Kohn said. “I love color and create my own colors, of which I use about eight to make-up my palette for all the paintings.”


Those colors are further emphasized by Kohn’s playful titles for these news paintings, some of which reflect his tea lover’s sensibility, including “Lemon Zinger,” “Darjeeling,” “Early Grey” and “Vanilla Spice.”

Jacob Kohn   Earl Grey
oil on canvas  48 x 30"   $5,000    

“Still Life, Still Water” runs through Wednesday, August 27.

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Aug. 29 - Sept. 29 

Byron Birdsall - Island Times
Greenbank and Beyond...

New watercolor paintings explore Whidbey's past and the Northwest landscape by this renowned Alaska and Whidbey Island artist.


October 1 - 29

Silk Paintings by Japanese artist
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Keiichi Nishimura

Byron Birdsall   Almost Ready

Keiichi Nishimura   Moon Light Wave   $2,500



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