KEIICHI NISHIMURA - new paintings on silk

September 1 - October 1

Artist's Reception Saturday September 1, from 5 to 7pm

Heaven in the Earth   mixed media on silk - 4 panels 45" x 18.5" each    $12,000

Upon seeing one of Keiichi Nishimura’s mixed media paintings on silk, a sense of serenity arises from his dynamic compositions.


Known for his unique approach to wave imagery and his use of metal leaf, Nishimura creates his paintings with water-based pigment derived from suihigofun (a mineral), which the artist grinds to a finer consistency and then mixes with a delicate balance of nikawa (melted pine sap).  The nikawa is what gives the pigment its deep rich color and also enables it to adhere to the silk.


Variances in color and tone are created by hand with wide brushes.  At a glance, Nishimura’s work may give the effect of collage because of the several different and often textural effects he achieves by using a variety of techniques.  He may, for example, incorporate a color resistant technique using flour or sand, sumi (charcoal), gold leafing, ink and other techniques in a single work.

Quiet Storm   mixed media on silk
42.5" x 23.5"   $4,500

Wave   mixed media on silk   19" x 46"   SOLD

A Whidbey Island resident for the past eight years, Keiichi was born in Kyoto, Japan where he began his training as an artist in 1976 under the apprenticeship of his father, Jintaro Nishimura, a master artist for more than half a century. He spent seven years learning painting techniques, including studying sumi-e (charcoal ink painting).  "Working with my father gave me the basic skills that are fundamentals to painting," says Nishimura.


Nishimura’s work is a modern interpretation of traditional images and techniques. He understands deeply both the discipline of his Eastern culture and the freedom of Western expression.  In his work, Nishimura strives to achieve integration of the two cultures.

Moon Light   mixed media on silk
35" x 25"   $3,900

Lotus   mixed media on silk   29" x 41"   $5,350

Please join us for our Opening Reception on Saturday, September 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. in conjunction with Langley’s First Saturday Art Walk when Langley’s galleries and shops are open until 7. Many of our gallery artists will be in attendance and light refreshments will be served.

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The Moon Moves Us   mixed media on silk   30" x 42"    $5,600

Origami Cranes   mixed media on silk
35" x 25"   $3,900

Memories   mixed media on silk
30" x 20"   $2,900

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Sharon Spencer   Solitude   bronze   $2,800

Sharon Spencer   Ice Maiden   bronze   $2,800

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Magical ceramic vessels by Joan Govedare

Dan Freeman    Blue Figure   mixed media
12.5" x 12.5" x 45"    $1,300 



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