Buffy Cribbs - Painter, Printmaker, Mixed Media Artist

Versatility characterizes the work of Buffy Cribbs. Coming from a family of artists and growing up in California, Ireland and Paris, she has tried her hand at just about every visual art form.

In recent years her focus has been on 'acrylic on acrylic' painting. In this technique  the painting gets created on a sheet of plexiglass painting the details first, which are subsequently covered with background colors. Once done the plexiglass is turned over to see the finished result.

A Bucket of Crows   acrylic on acrylic

Western Tanagers    acrylic on acrylic

Risky Behavior   acrylic on acrylic

Reflecting back on her formative years and a "haberdashery life so strewn with seemingly unconnected experience which, nevertheless, seemed to add up to some kind of whole" Cribbs says: "I think if you look at my work you can see all of this there. In so much as one is the sum of one's experience, one's art is likely to be that also.

I believe that good art resonates with some innate truth. This is a quality which is essential to meaningful art; the successful handing over of an idea from one being to the next. I feel at one with my Art, not so much because I can sell it as because it moves other people and it entertains and amuses me."

A Posse of Pangolins   acrylic on acrylic

A Bed of Roses   acrylic on acrylic   SOLD

Octopus's Garden   acrylic on acrylic   SOLD

Sea Form Still Life I
acrylic on acrylic

Sea Form Still Life I
acrylic on acrylic

Rumors of War   acrylic on acrylic

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