GARY LEAKE - Fine Woodworker 

Gary Leake is a woodworker whose passion is to search the countryside for a special one-of-a-kind, piece of timber—be it cherry (a favorite), maple, walnut or cocobolo—that has character (meaning highly figured, tigered, spalted, etc) and turn it into a finely engineered and ultimately beautiful piece of furniture, so unique it is considered a work of art. After approximately 20 years as a professional engineer he decided to walk a different path, one that used his inherent artistic talent as well as his technical sense:  woodworking.

“Out Front” Hallway Table Oregon myrtle, walnut $2,400


Many of Gary’s antique woodworking tools and skills were inherited from his grandfather, a wonderfully patient master cabinet-maker. Gary’s technique tends to be influenced by methods and styles of earlier times, using antique woodworking tools and skills (although he does use a bandsaw from time to time). Other influences: ancient Japanese joinery, Shaker-style furniture, Colonial-style furniture, Early American hand tool techniques and a natural finish look.

Striking Contrast

Granadillo, blk walnut, stained glass $2,600

His creative process begins with concepts floating around in his head until the magic moment when he finds that particular piece of timber that triggers the project. The wood’s natural character, which acts as a catalyst for moving the abstract idea to reality, truly drives the final design. Thus each artistic creation is truly unique. 

Serenity Oregon black walnut, American black walnut $2,400

Each piece is carefully crafted by hand using many of the woodworking techniques and tools employed during the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries.The resultant ‘feel’ and warmth of the wood can only be experienced by touching and caressing it. Touching of Gary’s art is indeed mandatory. Gary’s labors of love demonstrate his creativity as a contemporary artist and his woodworking skills.

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