CYNDI WOLFE - fine silk and surface design

Cyndi Wolfe is a weaver, dyer and surface design artist with a love of the interplay between color, fiber and structure.  In fact, color is her passion, particularly as it is influenced by the quality and intensity of light.  She has been creating and embellishing cloth for over 20 years, focusing on producing textiles that communicate a sense of beauty and order.

Cyndi uses silk almost exclusively in her work because of its luminous and reflective qualities. Her silk scarves have the feel of watercolors because she dye-paints the silk yarn before it is woven. Her choice of colors and the luxurious feel of the silk are intended to bring the wearer a sense of harmony and well-being.

Silk Scarves for Summer

Rainbow Scarf

Gallery Display

Here are some examples of Cyndi's outstanding quality fine silk weavings. Prices range from $50 to $250.

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Amber Scarf 

Undulating Twill Scarf

Silk Shawl

Purple & Turquoise Scarf - detail

Scarves and Pin


Turquoise & Pink Scarf