DAN FREEMAN - Maker of Objects

Since 1972, sculptor Dan Freeman has expressed his fascination with different materials in the form of sculptures and objects juxtaposing natural and man-made elements. The interaction of textures, colors and forms create a dialogue between the artist and the materials from which Freeman's work emerges with a distinctly recognizable semi-abstract style.

welded steel, aluminum SOLD

welded steel, aluminum, wood $2,500

Blue Figure
welded steel, rocks, wood

"My work is a continuing self-portrait. It's human. It's what holds me together - a little bit of color and tension. As an artist, I have a vision of how elements relate and how they should flow together. For me, it's a real direct line... splicing together elements in a singleness of purpose," Freeman said.

Dan Freeman's welded steel sculptures with pieces by Lloyd Whannell and Sharon Spencer in our sculpture garden

Dan's work consists of both indoor and outdoor sculptures and objects. Outdoor pieces tend to combine welded steel and stone, while work for indoor display often includes the addition of various local woods and branches.

Aesthetically, Freeman has been influenced by modern, abstract-expressionist painters such as Barnett Newman and Ellsworth Kelley, and by sculptors like George Rickey and Henri Moore.

Ikebana Black and Blue
wood, aluminum SOLD

Ikebana Black and Blue - side 2
wood, aluminum

Another Rock, Balanced
welded steel, rock

painted aluminum, wood

welded steel, wood, rock SOLD

Newman, Adjacent
painted welded steel, wood

The History of Modern Art, Abridged
painted wood, steel, rock

welded steel, bronze

Wind Seed - kinetic
welded steel, aluminum SOLD

To purchase or inquire about Dan's currently available work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.


Slide show of Freeman's indoor and outdoor sculptures