Francy Blumhagen - printmaker and mixed media artist

Crow Song   mixed media collage   21" x 34"   $2,200

Fish Dance   Mixed media block print   26" x 28"  $900

Eagle & Crow mixed media block print  30" x 24"  $700

Francy Blumhagen has been making handmade prints, mixed media paintings and collages for about 40 years and has shown her work throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Francy received her B.F.A. in painting from the University of Washington in 1982 and studied extensively with Jacob Lawrence, Michael Spafford and Norman Lundin. She works in a variety of media, including block printing, woodcut, collage, and wax resist. 

Bonaparte's Gulls   Mixed media block print   18" x 30"  $585

Loon   mixed media block print
20" x 16"  $300

Whale   Mixed media block print   24" x 236"  $1,000

Owl   Mixed media block print   18" x 12"  $285

Dragonflies   Mixed media block print   24" x 14"  $500

Upstream  Mixed media block print   36" x 24"  $1,000

Two Horses   Mixed media block print   18" x 28"  $585


hand colored woodblock print   framed 20 x 12"  

Sawhet Owl
hand colored woodblock print   framed 20 x 12"   

hand colored woodblock print   framed 20 x 12"   

In the Reeds   hand colored woodblock print   framed 16 x 36"   

Drift  hand colored woodblock print
framed 24 x 28"   

“My inspirations for my work come from the sights and sounds that surround me everyday as I walk my dogs in the hills and forests and beaches of Whidbey Island.“

Blumhagen is heavily influenced by the birds of the area, as well as by the colors that are revealed in fields, in water and sky; in the plant-life such as salal, moss, lichen, fir needles, salmonberry, and by grasses of every description forever revealing the new greens of growth. 

Three Crows   hand colored woodblock print   framed 18 x 38"   

hand colored woodblock print   framed 20 x 24"   

hand colored woodblock print   framed 14 x 16"   

Flock of Crows
hand colored woodblock print   framed 16 x 14"   

Her mixed-media includes many kinds of pencils, crayons, acrylic paint, metallic powders, ink, and some wax. The collage is done with paper she has painted on or marked in a variety of ways, and then cut to fit the imagery. They reflect ideas about what she sees — not literal, but nor are they completely abstract. 

One Wise Bird  mixed media

Avocet   mixed media

Crows   mixed media

Abstact   mixed media

Blue Ferns   mixed media

Maidenhair   mixed media

In the Reeds   mixed media

Raven's World    mixed media

Raven's World   mixed media

To purchase or inquire about Francy Blumhagen's work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.