Walking into the gallery many visitors are immediately drawn to the sculptures of Sharon Spencer.

Working in bronze, stone, and natural fibers, her work expresses a love and affinity for the natural world and its connection to the realm of the spirit.

Winter Song     bronze     

Solitude     bronze   18 x 5 x 6" tall   edition of 27   

Twilight Time  bronze  12 x 8 x 8" tall   edition of 27 

The Embrace  bronze   32"   edition of 27   

Tucked In   bronze   

Taking a Moment   bronze  

Ice Maiden   bronze   

After Flight   bronze  

Spirit Within   bronze, front  

Spirit Within   bronze, back  

The Giver   bronze

The smooth stylized shapes of Sharon's bronzes call out to the viewer to touch and let one's hand flow gently along their contours. In her newest bronze work avian forms evoke a quiet beauty.

Born in Salinas, California, Sharon began her love affair with carving after leaving her high school teaching position in the 1970's. 

"Carving for me is very exiting. It can be very deliberate and thought-out, or it can be totally free, with no idea in mind as to the direction I might go. The spirit of the piece seems to be within, and coming out of the material, as well as within and from me. At times it feels as if someone outside myself is doing the carving." the artist said.

                          Words of Wisdom     bronze     

Emperor Strut   bronze   12" tall


At Rest

Anima   bronze

Quiet Waters

Pool of Dream   detail

Bronze Nest   detail

After a number of years working in stone Spencer began her exploration of bronze, and with it, her exploration of the amazing patinas that give her work such characteristic color.

Patinas are a treatment of the bronze with various salts, minerals and acids that react chemically with the bronze to change its color. Working with Artworks Foundry, Sharon became a master at this, and often has her pieces look like stone or marble, or getting deep reds and lapis blues, or delicate feather patterns.

Each casting in an edition receives a unique and different finish, giving it individuality and personality.

Gallery Display of Sharon Spencer's sculptures, with paintings by Anne Belov.


Sharon's work reflects her fascination with Native American, Eskimo, and Asian cultures. It affirms her respect for animals and the earth, and this thematic thread is constant throughout her body of work, which ranges from large outdoor abstract pieces to small-scale, figurative work.

Her materials can also vary from bronze or found natural materials, such as sticks and grasses, to sandstone, steatite and Italian translucent alabaster. Besides her exploration of avian forms, a recurring theme is that of the vessel, whether in bronze or stone, in the form of a nest or water basin.

Spencer's love of natural materials has found expression in organic sculptures that bring to mind the ritual objects of primitive cultures. Carefully crafted, the pieces emanate a dignified calm beauty through the roughness of the material.

The Giver   -   outdoor version
bronze   62" tall

driftwood, mosses, grass

Stay on the Path
steel, sandstone, bamboo, rope 

To purchase or inquire about Sharon Spencer's work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063


Slide Show of Spencer's Sculptures