BRUCE MORROW - Painter and Printmaker


Narrative paintings of Western Americana are the hallmark of Bruce Morrow's work.

Morrow paints in a loose, direct style with little or no underpainting often using bright color to achieve fresh, spontaneous images. Humor is a not uncommon element in his work.

Kickin' Back   oil on canvas   54" x  60"   $3,200

Cantina juke Box   oil on canvas   36" x 46"   $2,800

Horse and Reader oil on canvas   24" x 30"   $1,950

Originally from Glendale, CA. Morrow spent a number of years in New Mexico after graduation from Chounard Art School. The Southwestern landscape made an impression that stayed with him after moving to Berkeley, where he met his artist wife Buffy Cribbs. The couple moved to Whidbey Island in 1986.

Bruce explains: "Living in the Northwest somehow made me nostalgic for the Southwest and I did something new; I started painting figurative images in oils. -I think I like oils because of the quality of the colors-.


So this figure- this Dude emerged and he seemed to represent to me the ennui of the displaced American male, the maverick, the cowboy without a range. There was a real sense of nostalgia to these paintings of guys and horses, trucks and dogs. Eventually he got lonely- or I got romantic - and the dancer series appeared, first with a mono print called Dancers in the moonlight.

Under the Stars   oil on canvas   42" x 36"   $2,500

Contrary Rider  oil on canvas   40" x 32"   $2,500

Changeling   oil on canvas   40" x 32"   $2,100

The Magpie Show
oil on canvas   32" x 24"   $1,900

Who's Driving   oil on canvas   40" x 40"   SOLD

Teton Tango   oil on canvas  40" x 32"   SOLD

Family Vacation   oil on canvas   26" x 30"  $1,900

Protector   oil on canvas   40" x 32"   $2,800

Walking Man   oil on canvas   40" x 32"   SOLD

West From Labro   oil on canvas   30" x 36"   $1,100

Grapevine Hill   oil on canvas   $28" x 32"   $1.950

Graffiti Wall   oil on canvas   32" x 42"   $2,500

After acquiring a large format Takasch press Bruce began producing a number of etchings: "I love the process of making a plate and then the process of printing multiples. I work in wood block, etching, aquatint and "series mono prints" mostly. I tend to cross refer images from painting to print and back again because there's so much to explore when you get a good image, or idea.

My work is very narrative anyhow; there's always the beginning of a story there. So each time I do an image, there's the possibility that the ending will change.

Into the Night   etching   14" x 16"   $

 Midnight Dash   etching

To purchase or inquire about Bruce's currently available work,
lease contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.