JOAN GOVEDARE - Fine Raku Potter

Beauty and the mystery of creation, are evoked by the truly elegant vessels created by Joan Govedare in her Night Sky Studio. Being trained by her astronomer father, Govedare’s accurate depictions of the stars and constellations inside her pots amplify the feeling of sheer magic one experiences seeing and holding her jewel-like creations.

Letters From A Potter series  -   Gallery Exhibition

For Peace

Temple Pot


Aside from creating unique individual pieces, Joan at times finds a theme that deeply speaks to her and explores making series of vessels that are related. In an exhibition called Letters From a Potter she created a pot for every letter of the alphabet, titling them in five letter names, the five referring back to the number of members in her a family of origin.

In a recent series titled The Divine Feminine: Shakti﹣the Goddess, Govedare takes her inspiration from the Sanskrit hymn Kundalini Stavah introduced to her through her practice of Siddha Yoga. In this series, the artists makes use of Braille to write the names on her vessels.


The Goddess Times Seven

Mata Lino Pavitrah

3 x She

3 x She - second view

"I found the terms for 'the Goddess' in Sanskrit within that hymn," Govedare said. "Using the in-breath and out-breath, and the phrase So’Ham, I have been experimenting with sensing the divine through my own breath; inner sensing, and outer sensing. Each of these pieces serves to help me understand, convey, and show respect for that which is divinely feminine," the artist said, "and also gives me the chance to further understand the chant that I love so much, and enjoy so often."



The smoky finish that underlies Govedare’s vessels is the result of an ancient firing technique called Raku. While red hot (about 2000℉) the pots are removed from the kiln and placed on a bed of pine needles in an airtight container. Here the trapped smoke enters the clay body and turns it the characteristic shades of grey. Once cooled, durable, waterproof acrylic ceramic stains are applied with great precision, resulting in Joan's uniquely elegant vessels.

Several pieces from the Goddess series

Joan Govedare's delicate pots range in size starting at about 2" for the smallest pieces and going up to about 8" tall for the larger vessels, diameters also range from about 2 - 8". Prices range from about $80 to $450.

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Raku pots with wave motif.

Field - Letters From A Potter series

Carve - Letters From A Potter series

Unity - Letters From A Potter series

Oread - Letters From A Potter series

Letters From A Potter series

Letters From A Potter series

Letters From A Potter series