STEPH MADER - Fused Glass Artist

Secret Shore 5” x 15” SOLD

Steph Mader is a full-time studio glass artist known for her glass particle landscapes – layered, kiln-formed landscapes made entirely of glass particles and powders. The landscapes are luminous, with a visual depth that conveys the peace and quiet of remote places.

Summer Fields 8.5” x 15.5” $1800

Through the Valley 8.5” x 15.5” $2800

“When I'm in quiet, remote places away from the stimulation of machines and crowds, alone with just the sounds of birds and wind, I have a deeper experience of myself as a living being, connected to the natural world. I'm inspired by that sense of connection. I create glass landscapes of quiet places from nothing but tiny particles of colored glass. Glass transformed by light is the perfect material for capturing the light and air of broad, open places”.

Red Mesa 4.5” x 15” $1225

Early Winter Marsh 5” x 14.5” $1225

Island’s Edge 4.75” x 16” $1225

Rise Above 7.5” x 15.5” $1800

Solitude 8” x 12” $1500

Steph describes her method, “I create landscapes from tiny particles of colored glass. I build them layer by layer, from back to front: first the sky, horizon and distant hills, then the planes of the middle ground and last, the details in the foreground. 

After each layer, I build a ceramic box around the piece and fire it in the kiln to melt the particles together and bring out the colors of the landscape. There will be between five and eight layers when the piece is finished, giving it a three-dimensional effect to add visual depth to the scene.” 

Path Through the Dunes 6” x 9” $565

First Snow 6” x 9” $565

During her thirty-year art career she has employed glass, ceramics, cast paper, mixed-media, stone and cement to carry out her sculptural ideas. Since 1987 she has maintained a professional glass studio, developing multiple collections of work in cast, painted and kiln-formed glass. She is a juried member of Northwest Designer Craftsmen and an active member of ArtEast and Northwest Arts Alliance. She attended Sierra University in Carmel, California and studied at Pratt Fine Arts in Seattle, Washington.

To purchase or inquire about Steph Mader’s work,
please contact the gallery at 360/222-3070 or 800/858-5063.