Corvus Delicti

Rob Schouten - Corvus Delicti.jpg
Rob Schouten - Corvus Delicti.jpg

Corvus Delicti

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Crows are trickster figures in many mythologies. Here we get a glimpse into its secret stash of stolen objects: a crystal, a marble, a delicate gold chain and an earring depicting the Tibetan goddess Tara. The needle in its beak represents crow’s ability to pierce illusions.

Open Edition Archival Print on Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art paper, 285gsm, natural white unbleached
Signed by the artist.

Image Size: 14″ x 19″ on 17” x 22” paper
Framed Size: 25” x 20” x 1.5”
 - light grey mat
Greeting Cards: 8” x 6”

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