After Hours

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Rob Schouten - After Hours.jpg

After Hours

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Golden light from the sun's last rays illuminates the lotus pond. A time to pause and contemplate, a time to feed the soul, and to gather strength for the crossing. A lotus blooms nearby.

This painting is about nourishing the Sacred Feminine, the anima. A solitary woman on a plank bridge reaches out to feed the Koi approaching her through the air. As she nourishes, she is in turn nourished as well. 

Koi symbolize aspiration, courage, perseverance, strength of purpose, and determination to overcome obstacles, much like salmon in the Pacific Northwest mythology. The bridge too, symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles and the ability to connect separate worlds. 

The strongest Koi swims upstream to the final waterfall, where it vaults into the mist and becomes a water dragon.

Limited Edition of 24 signed and numbered prints, beautifully reproduced in rich color on premium quality, acid-free, Crystalline Satin Canvas, 440gr. 21mil.

Image Size: 18" x 36"
Framed Size: 19" x 37" - .75" rosewood frame
Greeting Card: 8" x 6"

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