Whidbey Island sculptor Penelope Crittenden works in both stone and bronze, creating solid, luminous and stylish sculptures inspired in part by the ever-changing shapes of the clouds she enjoyed watching as a child, as well as by her lifelong love of animals.

Mountain Spectre    italian mocha alabaster     $750

Owlets        $475 to $825

Combining these inspirations with the joyous interplay of space and shape, the artist reveals a variety of unique stone sculptures and limited-edition bronzes.

Guardian     sandstone     $5,800

Penelope Crittenden directs the installation of "Guardian" near the RSG entrance, with expert help from Lloyd Whannell and Hank Vyrostek on the forklift.

Crittenden with Guardian.

Nautilus     italian translucent alabaster     SOLD

Horus     granite     SOLD

When it comes to stone, Crittenden said the veritable ancient solidity of the rock inspires her to find that perfect design that guides her to carve out what is already inherent in the marble, the limestone or the other stone materials she chooses. 

“I guess we're all a product of our experiences, and it follows then that how we express ourselves in language, art and actions, would also be a result of those experiences,” Crittenden said, talking about her process. “My work is to highlight them, to obliterate them or to recreate them.”

Kindred Spirit   bronze   $825

Speckled Owlet   bronze   $475

Forest Buddha     bronze   $750

Unlike the subtractive technique of carving with stone, for Crittenden, her bronze work begins as clay or wax, a more forgiving medium with which to work – subtracting or adding as needed. Casting to bronze after the formation of the softer material is a long and interesting process that the artist endearingly calls, “the medium of antiquity.”

“The important thing,” Crittenden said finally, “is that these expressions − whether done in the arts or in life − are done with awareness.”

A variety of Crittenden's unique marble sculptures are available at Rob Schouten Gallery.

A variety of Crittenden's unique marble sculptures are available at Rob Schouten Gallery.

To purchase or inquire about Penelope Crittenden's currently available sculptures,
please contact the gallery at 1-800-858-5063.