ANNETTE HANNA - Pastel and Oil Painter

Dividing her time between two coasts, part-time Whidbey Island resident Annette Adrian Hanna is an award winning artist who finds inspiration in the people and landscape around her. Equally accomplished in both pastel and oil, she loves the outdoors and enjoys plein-air painting, particularly on Whidbey, where the beaches, marshes and wetlands form the never-ending subjects that keep her creative juices flowing.

Waiting for Kyle   pastel   19 x 21"  $2,400

Sentinel   pastel  12 x 18"  $1,200

Blue Grass   pastel  12 x 16"  $1,200

"The beauty of the landscape, to me, has a very spiritual quality. I can go to the same location at different times, or seasons, or years, find a different viewpoint or even the same viewpoint, and paint a completely new and entirely different painting. That is the wonder and gratification of the artist. You paint with your hand, your brain, and your heart." Annette said.

To purchase or inquire about Annette Hanna's currently available work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063


Greenbank Grasses   pastel  12 x 18"  $1,200

San Juan Fields   pastel  9 x 12"  $750

Remnants   pastel  12 x 15"  $1,200

Madrona Views  pastel  9 x 12"  $750

The Challenge   pastel  9 x 12"  $750

After the Rain  pastel   9 x 12"   $750

Morning Brilliance   pastel   9 x 12"   $750 SOLD

Marshy Bottom   pastel  18 x 21"  $2,400


Annette Hanna has won numerous awards in pastel and oil, including five Gold Medals in Painting. She was a Finalist in Artist Magazine’s National Competition for Portrait and Figure, for a portrait in oil, received Honorable Mention in Pastel Journal’s National Competition for 100 Best Pastels of 2006, and also received an Award of Merit at the Northwest Pastel Society exhibition in Washington State. 

She has studied with John Howard Sanden, Daniel Greene, and Burt Silverman, and teaches oil and pastel for several different art associations in New Jersey.


Annette is also the author of a book on “How to Paint Portraits in Oil”, and was featured in American Artist magazine, Portrait Highlights, the Best of Pastels II, International Pastel Artist magazine, and in 2010 in the Best of America Pastel Artists. She is a signature member of Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of New Jersey, the Northwest Pastel Society, Fellow of American Artist Professional League, member of Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and the Portrait Society of America.

Annette welcomes portrait commissions.
Please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063 for more information.

Swan   oil   24 x 36" $3,600 SOLD

Mischief Maker   pastel  9 x 12"  $850 SOLD

Green with Envy  pastel 20 x 25" $2,500

All in the Family   oil   24 x 30"  $3,600 SOLD

Mario   oil   12 x 16"  $1,500  SOLD